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"Cookies" are small data files that websites download to a user’s computer, mobile phone or tablet hard drive. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. We or our service providers send cookies when you visit our Website or websites where our ads appear, make purchases, request or personalise information, or register yourself for certain services. Accepting the cookies used on our Website, sites that are provided by another company on our behalf, or sites where our ads appear may give us access to information about your browsing preferences, which we may use to improve the services we provide to our users, and to personalise and enhance your user experience. We use similar technologies within emails to understand whether the email has been read or if any links have been clicked by you. Cookies are typically classified as either "session" cookies or "persistent" cookies.

Session cookies do not remain on your computer after you close your browser.
Persistent cookies remain on your computer or other device until you delete them or they expire.

You can reject cookies or selectively accept cookies by activating the setting on your browser that allows you to refuse all or some cookies. If cookies are not accepted, there may be some features of our website that will not be available and some websites may not display properly. In most instances, however, you may reject a cookie and still be able to navigate our website without issue. Information on how to adjust cookie preferences (e.g., preventing your browser from accepting new cookies, etc.) are located in the help and support section of your browser. If you confirm cookies on your first visit to our website and continue to use it without changing your settings, we will assume that you agree to receive all cookies on the website.

We do not store passwords or any other information about a visitor in a cookie that would identify them, locate them, and determine their preferences or their financial activity. Aggregated customer information may help assess the performance of our Website and develop strategies to maximise utility. This information may be provided to other companies, including but not limited to third party advertisers. This information does not include any of your Personal Data.

The cookies that we use on the Website and the purpose of their use are:

  • cookieconsent_dismissed – a cookie to indicate a customer’s previous consent to use of cookies.
  • visited - a cookie to indicate a customer's previous visiting status.
  • _gat_gtag - Enables Google Analytics, it is a HTTP cookie type that lasts for a session.
  • _gid - Keeps an entry of unique ID which is then used to come up with statistical data on website usage by visitors. It is a HTTP cookie type and expires after a browsing session.
  • _ga - is a persistent cookie which expires in 2 years from the last update. It is used to track first visit, last visit, current visit, and number of visits. The content of this cookie value is separated by a dot, and stores domain hash, random ID, time of first visit, time of last visit, time of current visit and session counter.

You can read Google’s overview of privacy and safeguarding data here.

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